Post Frame Buildings

JD Metals now offers a full line of post frame building packages!

Posteel BuildingsTM provides the engineering, design, and strength to meet all your building specifications. We offer a wide variety of building designs to meet any need, as well as an endless array of color combinations to provide that distinctive look you will be proud of. For all your residential, commercial, and agriculture building requirements, let us show you why a Posteel BuildingTM is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Post-frame Construction

A post-frame building is usually constructed from large, solid-sawn posts or wood wall columns instead of the standard wood studs, steel framing or concrete masonry of typical construction. Once embedded into the ground or attached to a concrete pier or footers, the building will be able to handle ample loads.

Overhead, roofing trusses or rafters will support roof loads and are attached to each post or are supported by a header. Purlins and wall girts connect the posts and trusses to form the frame of the building. By adding exterior sheathing, such as steel or plywood, lateral load resistance is formed allowing the building to have strength comparable to a light steel or concrete building.

There are several foundation options to choose from when constructing a post-frame building. Concrete walls, piers, or slabs are popular options.

These buildings are very durable, adaptable, and resistant to the loads of wind, snow, and seismic activity.

Posteel Buildings can offer you the convenience of building packages. Included are all the lumber, accessories and siding that you will need to create the perfect building for you. Contact our office today to get started!