Below are just a few of our client testimonials.

JD Metals Built me a building on my property. I worked with Cody there and he was very straight forward with the price that was very acceptable. They were very busy, but were able to build it later. They build from start to finish, base, concrete and building all included. Came and laid the base one day with footers. Inspected then crew came out few days later and poured the floor. Couple days later crew came out and in less than two days done. Building very solid, tight and no leaks. Recommend these guys.

- Eddy Boykin, FastFrame® Building Customer

“JD METALS is an all-in-one company. If you are looking for a metal building, they’re the ones to see-very professional and helpful to get you what you need. I’m so glad I stopped to see them. Also, one happy home owner.”

- George Bauer, FastFrame™ Building Customer

At John Greer Builders customer satisfaction is important, to achieve that we have to be proficient and professional from start to finish. Our vendors and subcontractors are a big part of what helps us achieve this. When I send my customers to JD Metals, I know they will be greeted by professional and courteous people who know their business and materials and on time deliveries is why we use JD Metals. Thank you

- John Greer, John Greer Builders

I have bought materials from many companies. JD Metals is a company I like doing business with. They have a great product that is strong, durable, and stands up to weather & time, but what I appreciate most is their service. They are very helpful. They treat you with respect no matter if you have one roof or 70, everyone is important. And they get me my materials & supplies fast so I can get to the job site. I know if you need metal or other supplies, give them a try – you will find out it is not just a company; it’s a great place to do business!

- Stevie Lowe, Stevie Lowe Construction

I am very pleased with JD Metals. They have an excellent line of quality metal roofing products along with trim packages that you don’t find just anywhere, plus accessories for post frame buildings. The good thing about it is, that if I need a special kind of trim, they will fabricate it for me. Their staff is frendly and knowledgable in what I need. The shipping is prompt and dependable. Overall I’m very well satisfied with JD Metals.

- Jim Yoder, Jim Yoder Builders

Many thanks for the speedy delivery of my order. I appreciate all of your help in getting the order covered and helping me save money. The delivery men were very friendly and did a good job of putting the material where I needed it. Again, thanks and you can bet on any future business I have along with free promo to anyone I know who is doing metal work.

- Don Morrell, Homeowner

We’ve used JD Metals for our metal needs for over 12 years and have always received top-notch products and service. If we have a problem and need metal fast they’re always willing to work with us to deliver our materials on schedule. Whether it’s through a phone call or in person, it’s always a pleasure to do business with JD Metals!

- Tom Hite, Hite Construction