the-metal-initiativeThe Metal Initiative is a coalition of metal component and building product manufacturers, metal coaters, suppliers to the metal industry, and metal-related associations. Together, they provide the design community with accurate information about metal roofs and walls. Who’s choosing metal?

Building Owners

Professional building owners are increasingly taking a more active role in material procurement, as reflected in the growing popularity of the design-build element in the building process, from conception to completion. Regardless of the number and size of the buildings they manage, professional owners want efficient products and services. They rely on design firms to provide them with the right selection of products and on manufactures to supply products that meet certain requirements such as low maintenance, low life-cycle cost, and recyclability or recycled content. Every day, owners must make choices on roofing materials, HVAC systems, control and automations systems, and exteriors, among other things. They depend on suppliers to meet their needs, regardless of where their buildings are located.


Designers know that metal offers perhaps the widest array of choices in the construction industry. Coated with some of the most advanced technology in the world, a virtually unlimited palette of long-lasting colors is available. Designers can also choose the natural look of zinc or copper, or coatings that make metal look natural. Metal makes possible bold design that inspires and creates a lasting impression. From flowing curves to precision flatness, metal is easy and economical to install. This freedom of design provides the architect and owner the opportunity to build within a wide range of styles and create an image that will endure. Today’s metal systems help panels retain their luster, ensuring a building maintains its aesthetic appeal and property value over the long term.


Architects combine form and function to create a building that is safe, sound, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. In short, architects create the personality of a building. The Metal Initiative can help them achieve their goals educating them about the design options and versatility of building with metal.

General Contractors

General contractors work with architects and building owners to take projects from concepts and drawings to physical structures, often recommending solutions in the design phase of a project. Because general contractors work hands-on with materials, they give very high marks to metal products’ strength, durability, and the lightweight nature.

Source (The Metal Initiative)