Impact Resistance Testing for Metal Roofing

hail storm metal roofing image for web

The durability of your roofing system should be the number one priority when choosing what material to use. 

Metal roofing materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a great choice for areas that are prone to heavy storms. 

One of the most common questions we answer is how well metal roofing panels will hold up against the impact of a hail storm. Our answer? Very well. JD Metals roofing products has a Class 4 impact rating from Underwriter’s Laboratory.

So…What is impact resistance?

Impact resistance for roofing is the level of resistance the roof can withstand from objects such as hail or other debris that could cause puncturing, dents, or cracks in roofing materials.

Why is it important to have rated roofing materials?

With a Class 4 rating, our roofing materials will have less heavy damage from severe storms, which will eliminate the possibility of a leaky roof from punctures/tears in your roof. Shingles and other lower rated materials will not be able to stand up under these harsh conditions.

What happens during an impact resistance test?

Underwriter’s Laboratory performs the UL 2218 impact resistance test, during which a steel ball of varied diameter is dropped from different heights on different portions of the of the test panel. If the ball does not cause any tears, cracks, splits, or any other openings on the panel, then a ‘pass’ is issued. 

Hail is not the only material that can cause damage to a roof! These impact ratings cover other small debris damage that could occur during a storm. The other benefit to having Class 4 rated roofing materials is you could receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance! 

Ready to choose metal?