FastFrame™ Steel Frame Structures

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JD Metals is pleased to introduce FastFrame™ premium steel frame structures. To visit our FastFrame™ website, please click here.


FastFrame™ offers fully engineered and local code compliant cold formed steel framing packages. Rendered by our in-house CAD designers, your designs are manufactured and pre-assembled into units for delivery to the job site. These lightweight steel framing systems are erected onsite with minimal tools and waste materials, saving time as well as eliminating the need for high skilled labor.

JD Metals FastFrame Residential Steel Framing

FastFrame™ steel frame structures are not the steel frame systems one sees along the highways: fully engineered and code compliant, our structures are built to last.

JD Metals FastFrame 3 Door Building

The versatility of FastFrame™ steel framing allows us to help you design a building to fit your specific needs. From RV storage to garages and barns, we can build what you want.

JD Metals FastFrame Steel Frame Structures RV

Steel framing is a strong yet light-weight material. Installing a steel frame building is fast and easy, saving you time and money.

JD Metals links quality and service by providing the FastFrame™ buildings and packages at the best possible price. Our metal is top quality, supplied by United Steel Supply®, and coated with Sherwin Williams® coating systems. Visit our showroom in Limestone, Tennessee to learn more about our premium steel frame building options.

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