FastFrame™ Steel Frame Structures

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Steel Frame Structures


Cold Formed Steel Framing Packages


FastFrame™ Steel Frame Structures are not built with the old stud and track building system: they are a new way to build.
To begin with, our process emphasizes the engineering/design stage of the build by rendering CAD drawings that are fully engineered and local code compliant. In fact, the system works on everything from a standard barn to a large residential home. In the planning stage, real-time changes are integrated immediately, saving time and money. This up-front attention to detail produces strong, lightweight framing packages that are easily installed on your job site.

CAD Drawing FastFrame™ Ranch

Cold Formed Steel: What is it?

Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is a lightweight material that lends itself to extremely accurate, precise
fabrication. We at JD Metals manufacture CFS in large quantities at high speeds, which in turn makes the process highly cost effective. CFS is perfect for the straight, strong, stable and sustainable building components necessary for modern homes and structures.


FastFrame™ Steel Frame Trusses

Why Build Fastframe™ Steel Frame Structures?



Since the high strength-to-weight ratio of CFS converts into longer span distances, it is therefore a necessity in today’s wide-open floorplans. With this in mind, our in-house CAD designer can convert your plans into a CFS structure.


Lightweight components erected with minimal tools reduce the amount of skilled labor and heavy machinery required on job sites.  As a result, construction speeds up and costs come down.


Modular sections produced indoors take weather out of the equation. In fact, CFS is non-combustible, rot and mold resistant, and has little contraction or expansion. Thus, CFS is a better long-term construction choice.


Though traditional builds incur up to 20% waste of materials, precise fabrication cuts steel framing waste to less than 1%.


JD Metals links quality and service by providing FastFrame™ Steel Frame Structures and CFS framing packages. With quality and service in mind, we serve our customers with showrooms in Limestone, Tennessee, as well as Piney Flats. Our Limestone showroom in particular provides an great chance to see our buildings up close. By combining top notch customer service and great products, we at JD Metals are here to serve you.

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