Common Metal Roofing Installation Mistakes


    Metal roofing installation requires knowledge of how to properly install different panel profiles and how to properly handle the materials to ensure a long-lasting roof for your home. Follow these steps to prevent metal roofing installation mistakes:

    • Incorrect Measurements: Measure twice, order once! Making a mistake in measurements can cost you time and money. Use a roofing calculator or ask our team at JD Metals to assist.

    • Oil canning. This can be made more obvious by on panels such as standing seam by improperly fastening the panels or mishandling the metal during installation. Don’t over tighten your fasteners and make sure any clips are fitted in the correct place to reduce stress on the panel.

    • Inexperience. Metal roofing installation is different from asphalt roofing. You should know the specifics of the panels you are using. Hiring a roofing contractor with experience in metal roofing is highly recommended.

    • Using the wrong underlayment.What’s under your metal roofing can make a big difference in protection from the elements. The wrong type could void warranties as well as violate building codes. Do your research or ask a roofing professional!

    Don’t let small mistakes cost you time and money on your roofing installation. With the right information, an experienced roofing professional and JD Metals ensuring product quality, you will have a beautiful roof to last for years to come. Contact us today!