Posteel Post Frame Buildings

JD Metals Posteel Post Frame Building standard package

Posteel® Post Frame Buildings

Wood is a timeless building material, and Posteel® Post Frame buildings are indeed timeless.  First of all, building packages use large, solid-sawn posts or laminated wall columns to add lasting strength to the structure. Next, posts are embedded or attached to concrete to handle heavy weight loads  Another load-bearing component is the pre-manufactured truss, which supports roof loads by carrying the load to the foundation.  Finally, exterior sheathing creates lateral load resistance, making the building strong and solid. By combining quality materials with tried and true building practices, Posteel® Post Frame Buildings is an option to consider.


Code compliant post frame structures can endure high wind and seismic loading conditions. Also, Posteel® building packages use treated wood, as well as protective cover systems for ground contact elements.


Long-span trusses allow for larger open floor plans without the need for interior load–bearing walls, providing more design options. We design your building for whatever you need, from a small garage to a large barn.

JD Metals diagram of post frame construction and the internals of a building


  • Traditional Post Frame construction designed with modern engineering ensures code compliance and durability.
  • A wide variety of building designs are available in any combination of our WeatherXL®  or Crinkle® finishes.
  • We use only high-grade lumber for our buildings to assure long life for your new building.



JD Metals links quality and service by providing the Posteel® Post Frame building packages at the best possible price. Visit our showrooms in Piney Flats or Limestone, Tennessee to learn more about our post frame building options.

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