Metal Roofing Accessories

Metal Roofing Accessories: The Necessary Extras

Metal roofing accessories are those little attentions to detail that set a good metal roof apart from a great one.  Here at JD Metals we offer the accessories that will make your new roof not only look great for years to come, but help it to withstand the weather.  First, we carry special fasteners needed to secure your metal panels and seal them from temperature and weather extremes.  We also offer all of the closures and sealants used to make sure your roof or building is weather-tight but allowing great air circulation.  Next, we sell pipe flashings to seal the edges of any pipes present on the roof, keeping moisture outside, where it belongs.  And finally, we carry snow guards to keep snow load from damaging your home or building.  By integrating metal roofing accessories into your new roof or building, you ensure that your project will be beautiful and stand up to Mother Nature.

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Good quality fasteners can make or break a metal roof, so JD Metals offers ST® Fastening Systems specially engineered for metal roofing and metal siding applications.  We carry Woodbinder®, ZXL Woodbinder® and Steelbinder® screws, powder coated to match all of our metal colors and in the sizes needed to get the job done.  These screws feature threads that change from fine to coarse for better grip, as well as a Micro-Bit™ point to reduce metal shavings.  They also contain an EPDM rubber seal to make sure moisture stays outside.  We also carry color-matched Pop Rivets in our Accessories Department.

#10 – 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ Wood Screws & Self-Drilling Screws for
Tuff-Rib, 5-V, & R-Panels

#12 – 3/4″ Stitch Screws

#10 1″ & 1.5″ Pancake Head Screws for Standing Seam Panels

#8 – 1″ Painted Phillips Flat Head Screws for Trim Work

Color-Match Pop Rivets also Available

Closures and Sealants

Solid and vented foam closures ensure air circulation and keep the critters out.  As such, they are necessary for your new roof or building.  JD Metals sells DriVent®-2  vented closures, an ST® solid foam version, as well as an Emseal® Universal Closure.  We also carry Novaflex™ color-matched sealants to ensure that your project looks as good as it functions.

Solid Foam Closures for Tuff Rib, 5V and R-Panels

DriVent-2® Vented Foam Closures for Tuff Rib Panels

Universal Emseal® Closures

Novaflex® Color-Match Sealant

3/8″ x 1″ Mastic Tape

Touch-up Paint Pens in all WeatherXL™ Colors

JD Metals Metal Roofing Accessories Roofjack Pipe Boots

Pipe Flashings

Made from silicone rubber, our ST® Fastening Systems Roofjack™ RD Pipe Flashings stand up to weather and UV Light. These “pipe boots” are available in a number of sizes and colors.

Made from EPDM (Silicone) Rubber

Resists Ozone, UV Light and Temperature Extremes

Flexible Metal Base Conforms with Surface

metal roofing snow guards

Snow Defender® Snow Guards

Snow Guards are an important part of your new metal roof: they move snow loads safely to ground.  In doing this they protect your roof, gutters, landscaping and even your family from large amounts of falling snow.  JD Metals sells Snow Defender® 4500 and 6500 snow guards, manufactured by Levi’s Building Components, which can be used on all profiles of metal roofing panels.  They can also be color matched to blend in with your roof.

For All Types of Roofing Including Standing Seam

Stainless Steel

Powder Coated and Color-Matched

EPDM Rubber Seal

JD Metals links quality and service by providing the best metal roofing, siding, and accessories at the best possible price. With this in mind, we serve our local customers with showrooms in Limestone, Tennessee, as well as Piney Flats. Our Limestone showroom in particular provides a great chance to see our products up close, including the metal roofing accessories we sell. In addition, we deliver products to our large dealer network, making it possible for customers throughout the Southeast to purchase quality metal roofing, siding, and accessories. With top-notch customer service and great products, we at JD Metals are here to serve you.

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