Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles

A Beautiful Choice

Metal shingles are a durable, three-dimensional option for your new roof. We carry Arrowline® steel shingles by Edco® in a variety of profiles and colors here at JD Metals.  This roofing option looks like shingles but wears like steel, giving your home both the look and protection you want and need. 

Arrowline® metal shingles are available in shake and slate profiles, as well as an enhanced version of each.  These tough panels will not split or crack and are able to withstand 150 mph wind gusts.  Also, they are coated with Kynar® 500, a durable, long-lasting finish that helps each panel retain its color.  Edco® uses a special double embossing pattern to add dimensionality and strength.  Because of this strength, Arrowline® metal shingle panels can be laid directly over an existing roof, keeping asphalt shingles out of the landfill.

Check out our photo gallery to see how beautiful metal shingles really are!

Technical Specifications

  • Slate: 28 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Shake: 30 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Minimum Slope: 4” in 12”
  • Coverage: 12” x 50” (4.17 Sq. Ft.) Panel
  • 12 panels / 50 Sq. Ft. Per Box
  • Weight Per Box: 45 lbs. Slate
  • Weight Per Box: 38 lbs. Shake
  • Clip Material: .024” Galvanized Steel
  • Exterior finish is Kynar 500® /Hylar 5000® 1 mil thickness with anti-corrosive primer
  • Interior finish is a wash coat, 0.6 mil. thickness with anti-corrosive primer

JD Metals links quality and service by providing the best metal roofing shingles and shakes at the best possible price. With this in mind, we serve our local customers with showrooms in Limestone, Tennessee, as well as Piney Flats. Our Limestone showroom in particular provides a great chance to see our metal shingle and shake options up close. In addition, we deliver products to our large dealer network, making it possible for customers throughout the Southeast to purchase quality metal roofing. By combining top-notch customer service and great products, we at JD Metals are here to serve you.

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