Insulation and Underlayments for Metal Roofing

Insulation and Underlayments:

Important Parts of Your Roof or Building


Insulation and Underlayments are critical parts of your new roof or building.  They work together with the metal panels to provide a weather-tight structure, helping to keep cold, heat and moisture where they belong.  Quality insulation reduces heat buildup inside the home or building, making it a more comfortable place to dwell.  For this reason, JD Metals carries Sol-R-Eclipse® R-9  reflective insulation, which not only reflects up to 97% of the suns energy, but also can lower attic temperatures up to forty degrees.  In the underlayment department, JD Metals carries Permafelt® synthetic roofing felt.  This material is lighter and stronger than traditional felt, and is slip resistant. Combining superior metal panels with great insulation and underlayments will help you get the most out of your new roof or building for years to come.


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Sol-R-Eclipse Insulation

R-9 Insulation Factor

6′ x 125′ Roll (750 square ft.)

Agriculture, Commercial, & Residential use

Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy striking it

Lightweight & Flexible

Superior fire ratings

Lowers attic temperatures up to 40 degrees



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Perma R® ProFelt Plus Underlayment

11 Times Stronger Than Traditional 30 Lb. Felt

Non-Woven Fibrous Laminated for Better Traction

UV Protected for 180 Days

Does Not Promote Mold Growth



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