metal roofing for cabins tan metal roof

Metal roofing for cabins is one of the most common choices. Why? Aside from the classic look, metal roofing can withstand all that mountain living can throw at it.


Windy days are common on mountain properties. Metal roofing wind ratings are superior to shingles. With proper installation, your roof will be water tight. Energy savings are also an added benefit to a metal roof on your cabin. The insulative properties of the metal and paint coatings will create a warm place to stay in the winter and a cool home to enjoy in the summer without adding to your power bill. Add in the resistance to hail, and your cabin will be set for any weather!

Easy maintenance

Repairing homes tucked away on mountainsides can be problematic. Metal roofing panels solve that problem with durability and a low-maintenance paint coating. Our metal roofing panels come with an impact rating and a limited lifetime warranty all the paint coatings. Simply wash your roof when needed with a soft detergent, and it will last for years to come!


Blending in to the surroundings in one of the benefits of having a cabin the woods. Choose a paint coating to match your surroundings! We offer several greens and browns to make sure your mountainside home is one with nature.