Choosing the correct metal roofing finishes for a home is a big decision. It is a large expense and highly visible part of a home. Deciding to install metal roofing is only the beginning of the choices. Panel profiles and types of fastening systems must be considered as well.  The type of paint finish is another important decision.  Metal roofing finishes vary in quality and durability, and have an impact on the project.  Beware of low priced, low quality finishes that fade and chalk over time. High quality finishes like those listed below from reputable paint sources are definitely the best option.

JD Metals Weather XL Finish Color Chart metal roofing finishes
Weather XL®

Weather XL®, a quality finish supplied by Sherwin-Williams® Coil Coatings, is one example of a fine paint finish.  A Silicon-Modified Polymer (SMP), Weather XL® is a two-coat finish and is known for its durability and color retention.  The SMP creates a hard coating that resists scratching, chalking and fading, but also provides consistent color and gloss.  When looking for a durable, reliable product, the Weather XL® finish is one to consider.  JD Metals Colors here.

JD Metals Crinkle Finish Color Chart metal roofing finishes
Weather XL® Crinkle Finish

Weather XL® Crinkle Finish is another option to consider.  Crinkle combines all of the durability and color retention benefits of the Sherwin-Williams® Weather XL® line with a three-dimensional, texturized finish different from regular panel finishes.  This is a panel option that needs to be seen and touched to be truly appreciated.

JD Metals Fluropon Finish Color Chart metal roofing finishes

Fluropon®, or polyvinylidene fluoride (70% PVDF) coatings are the premier finish in the Sherwin-Williams® line.  This two-coat fluoropolymer is formulated to create a hard bond to withstand extreme weather conditions. Fluropon® provides superb long-term color and gloss retention, along with tested, superior durability.  JD Metals colors here.

The type of finish is one of the most important options to consider when installing a new roof.  There are many low-cost options on the market today. However, these products will not withstand the elements long term, leaving a metal roof or building with a faded, chalky exterior.  Choosing a high-quality finish will help ensure a good result that will last for years to come.

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